Blessing Airhihen


Life is a journey full of up and down moments. One of such is the waiting period, which could come with various challenges. We all have had to wait for one thing or the other on this journey.

The passion to support single ladies waiting for their spouses grew within me as I realised, over time, from counselling people and personal experience, how much support people need during this phase.

More often than not, waiting can be associated with anxiety, stigma, fear of missing out, loneliness, frustration because of inability to plan for the future, uncertainty, pressure from friends, family and the society at large.

As Christians, we are to encourage one another. This blog is an idea placed in my heart to support you through the waiting period. Prayer and the Word are very important in this phase. Therefore, we aim to start the week with a Word from God and prayer focus known as Every Monday.

Every Monday, you will find a word of encouragement to focus on and prayer points. Do join in the prayers and kindly share your testimonies, prayers, and questions.

In addition, I aim to share posts on topics that might be of help to you.

I look forward to standing by you.

God bless you.