Have Faith in God

Joh 14:1-2 BBE 1 Let not your heart be troubled: have faith in God and have faith in me. 2 In my Father’s house are rooms enough; if it was not so, would I have said that I am going to make ready a place for you?

Thank God for another opportunity to pray using Gods Word. I would like to encourage you to hold on to your faith in God. He can be trusted. Let us pray.

  1. We give God praise for a new week full of new opportunities. We thank God that indeed God’s Word works mightily in and for us.
  2. Pray that your heart will not be troubled. That you will know God’s peace in all areas. Pray that your faith will be strong in God and yield significant results.
  3. Let everything, the plans, the husband, the children, home, job, favours etc God has made ready for you locate you.
  4. Thank God for answered prayers. Amen.

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