Younger siblings

Growing up with two younger siblings, Rhoda had always had the foretaste of everything and appeared to know so much compared to her younger ones Billy and Molly. Their parents gave them the best of education and ensured they had almost everything they needed. As the years went by, relationships did not seem to work for Rhoda as expected. Rhoda kept trusting God for the right man for marriage relationship.

I tell you, It was not a pleasant experience. When Billy broke the news that he was getting married by December that year, that was when some realities dawned on Rhoda that life can truly come with some circumstances beyond our control. Lots of questions came to mind.

She was happy for Billy but upset at the fact that she will be at the wedding with eyes starring at her and gossip about her private life. She wept at some point but encouraged herself and was determined to love and be there for her brother.

You may be in the same shoes as Rhoda or may have had similar experiences. It really can be troubling, especially when you realise your younger ones appear to be doing well in their relationships and do not look up to you as they used to. On one occasion, a younger sibling asked the older sister not to attend his wedding to avoid any family embarrassment. He felt it was embarrassing to the family that his elder sister was single while the youngest brother was getting married.

If that is your story, know that you are not the only one in that situation and this piece is to encourage you to hold on and trust God for your spouse.

Rhoda, in the above story, got married that same year as her Billy. God answered her prayer speedily. That may not be your case, but take encouragement from the Lord and wait on Him. While you wait, be determined to love. Your change will come. In Psalm 121, the bible tells us He who keeps Israel, does not slumber nor sleep. God is on your case and will show Himself strong on your behalf, but you must go to sleep. God is faithful and watches over His word to perform it. Your end will be good.

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