Arise, Shine!

Isa 60:1 KJV Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

The light of God is what we need daily. Light illuminates, it gives direction, beauty and happiness. The goodness is that your light has come! That is God’s word to you. Your visitation is here. Heaven’s focus is on you now. We are therefore encouraged to rise and shine forth in that light. I perceive in my heart that God wants you to walk in that understanding now and deliberately do good works, selfless acts of kindness as you go about your week. You will be visited! Let us pray.

Prayer points

  1. Thank God for His word to us. Thank Him because what you have been waiting for has come and you will partake of it.
  2. Pray for your understanding to be enlightened, that this word will sink into your spirit. Pray for enablement to run with the word that you will see the way God said it.
  3. Rebuke anything holding you back or that will want to hinder you. Any character issues, setback any chain that may hinder you from stepping into what God has prepared for you. Declare that every hold is broken.
  4. Finally, thank God because your light has come, your husband has come. You will meet Him just as God said you would. Be ready to do good and communicate.

God bless you.

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