Happily Ever After

I loved reading story books as a child and they usually ended with the phrase “they lived happily ever after” especially when they refer to married couples with beautiful stories. This conditions one’s mind to think that a happy marriage just happens automatically.

As a waiting single, I realised married couples often put up a front when in public so as not to give opportunity for people to know what goes on in the home or for many other reasons. I drew closer to couples who were vulnerable and sincere about what marriage is. It was a great preparation strategy for me. Living happily ever after is possible, I realise, but that comes with determination and constant work.

Basically, the mindset needs to be well adjusted. In my early years in marriage, I would be so upset about many things. I wanted things perfect. One day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, ” you don’t have to keep getting upset about everything, frowning your face”. As if to say, you go round in a circle. I got wisdom immediately and realised that was not the way to go. Otherwise, I will destroy the relationship. I started building faith to see things differently.

In Matthew, we see the life of a young couple, Mary and Joseph, who had to go through a lot in their early days of marriage. A lot didn’t seem to work for them. Mary had to forbear so much, the difficulties of pregnancy, no comfort like most of us would want, migration, etc. They went through it together because they were determined. As you wait, consider these things and decide. It is possible to live happily ever after.

God bless you.

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