Held Together

Col 1:17 NET He himself is before all things and all things are held together in him.

It’s a new week and God has been gracious to us. We serve a God of strength and great grace. He is the one at work in us to bring us to an expected end, a glorious future. I would like to remind you that Jesus is the one holding all things together. He always knows how to do it well. Sometimes we think it is our power. He is the reason you have not lost it all round. He is your keeper. As you go about your week, be reminded that Jesus is holding all things together. They may appear broken, but He is supreme. Place Him at the centre always and He will be glorified in your life. Amen. You will.not fail, you will.not faint. You will succeed.
Let us pray.

  1. Thank God you have a mighty God who is at work in you.
  2. Thank God because indeed He is the one holding all things together. It is not by your wisdom. Pray that you will be filled with the knowledge of His will. That you will walk with spiritual wisdom and understanding.
  3. Pray that you will know the joy of the LORD in your heart as you place Jesus at the centre in all you do. Ask God to help you focus on Him. The.more you focus, the clearer the vision. Pray that God will help you focus on the right things in accordance with His will.
  4. Finally, pray that God will help you make your life count. Let your day count and may this be the best week of your life ever. Let your strength and hope be renewed in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    I want to assure you that God is able to bring that man. Receive strength to hope again today.

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