Is it worth it?

I attended a women’s conference in early 2010. A mum of two and close friend of mine had told me about it and asked if I could accompany her to the all day meeting. I loved to be in the gathering of women, moreover it was a Christian conference. So why not?

We arrived early, and the meeting was a blessing. At lunch time, we sat at tables and it was an opportunity for me to make new friends, which I loved to do. I quickly spotted a familiar surname of one delegate. That, to me, was a good conversation starter. I walked up to this lady and introduced myself and told her I most likely would know someone bearing that name she had on her tag. She was hesitant to respond to me initially. I carried on and also figured out we had some other things in common. We had the same state of origin.

Then she asked me if I had come to the conference with my mother. She had wondered if I came alone. I wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and didn’t have any kids around to show I was in a category that suited this lady or made me worthy to speak with her; I thought. I wasn’t upset, instead I told her yes, I came with my mum who was the lady I accompanied and she was sitting right by me and was listening to the entire conversation all along. At some point, she just stopped talking to me. In my heart, I felt she had an exaggerated view of herself because she was married and looked down on me, who had reached out to her. A lot of times, single people go through even worse embarrassment. Do you agree? If you are going through one now, I would suggest that you develop a thick skin and shake it off your mind or shoulders. It is God’s definition of you that counts and you have no time to lose your joy.

The joy of the LORD is your strength. Instead, see the end. Look beyond this phase of life, knowing that you serve the Lord Christ and He is faithful always. I look back now and I see how gracious God is, and He enabled me to look over. If you are upset about a ridicule because of being single, ask yourself, is it worth it?

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