It is for a purpose

Moses had checked the new rota and discovered he was leading praise and worship the following month. That was a long awaited opportunity as it didn’t happen regularly. There were lots of people who could lead worship, so it usually took a while before it would be his turn. Besides, he didn’t know the criteria the leaders used in preparing the rota. A lot of his fans had asked him before now when next he would lead, so they could cheer him on and suggest songs they would like him to sing. Yes! Now is the time to shine again. He planned for that Sunday service in advance. He thought about what he would wear, the shoe, clothes, etc. He also compiled the song list.

Then came the week he had been waiting for. Moses became a bit concerned his voice was sounding a bit cracked earlier in the week. He remembered the last time he led worship and how he got stuck midway through. He didn’t want this to happen again, so he decided to talk less to people before that day. At some point, he became very worried things would go wrong. Then came that day. He just discovered he couldn’t really sing. His voice didn’t sound clear, and he struggled with the thought of losing this opportunity. Should he just try? Ask someone else? Oh, no!

He decided to try and went for the prayer meeting before the service. Then a thought came to mind to ask another member of the team to help as his voice was truly gone.

Interestingly, Lucy agreed immediately and also stated that she had seen herself in the dream the previous night leading worship that day and had insight from the Holy spirit to prepare.

That was a big relief to Moses, but he felt really bad he missed that opportunity. It was an opportunity to learn from the Holy Spirit that service was not about him, but about what God wants to do. Not about showing off, but the readiness to allow God flow through us as vessels.

Twenty years down the line, Moses’s son came home from school upset about missing an opportunity at the school playground to show off his football skills as other kids refused to pass the ball to him. He complained about the teacher not giving him a chance to speak in class, though he knew the answer to the questions. The son was all negative and felt like leaving the school.

In a very simple way, Moses shared his experience on how he missed that opportunity to lead worship and how God taught him about reputation of men and subtle pressure we place on ourselves unduly. After narrating his experience, the son’s countenance had changed and he could clearly see it wasn’t as he thought. It was also good to hear his father’s story and struggle growing up. That was the lifesaver that day and they all went to bed Happy. What lessons can you draw from this? Your story will surely help someone tomorrow. You are not going through for nothing. There is a provision for you already. Keep trusting. Leave your comments..

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