It must be fulfilled

Luk 22:37 ISV Because I tell you, what has been written about me must be fulfilled: ‘He was counted among the criminals.’ Indeed, what is written about me must be fulfilled.”

Yes! Yes! Yes!. There is a plan for you. There is something written about you and we choose to prevail in prayer that it should be fulfilled. We will focus on the Word of God and believe in seeing the manifestation of God’s grace in our lives. Let us pray.

1. Thank God for the new week. His faithfulness endures forever. Thank God for His plan concerning you. He is at work and interested in you.

2. Pray that every word spoken concerning you will be fulfilled in your life. This wait is over in Jesus’ name. Let the word be made flesh by the power in the name of Jesus.

3. Pray that you will take bold steps this week. The Lord will place your rough strongly in the heart of the chosen one for you! Let there be no rest or confusion. Let Him find you in Jesus’ name. Pray that you will be welcome and very receptive, in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank Him for answered prayers. Tell God you are looking out for the answer. Please be on the watch and share your experiences.

5. Amen.

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