Letting Go (part one)

Preti couldn’t believe it! She had heard these words in her dream ” Be ready to lose the friendship “. This relationship she holds so dearly and would do anything to make it work! It must be a fake dream. She thought, but again, it was too real to overlook.

She had prayed that night before going to bed for God to show her what to do. There were fears the relationship was on sinking sand. This was because Andrew was keeping secrets from her. He lost his father, went for the burial, but didn’t let Preti know. She only stumbled into the information and was very shocked. She thought she knew all about him.

Could this be how guys behave? Could he be seeing someone else? So many questions, no answers. She couldn’t work them all out in her thoughts.

In so many ways, the waiting phase comes with many shades like that of Preti, especially when you feel you are increasing in age. Every friendship that comes close clings to so deeply. There is the fear of being left alone or starting all over again. The chances are that we become desperate and close our eyes to some realities, be they good or bad for us.

If you were in Preti’s position, how would you deal with secrecy? Now, in a revelation, she is told to let go of the friendship and she found it so hard, but she eventually did. I tell you what, there were lots of things that later unravelled and she was so thankful years later that she obeyed God.

She let go of the friendship. Letting go can be so hard, but there is something fundamental to this. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it Prov 10 vs 22. If you continually experience sorrow and your life is at risk in a relationship, those are red flags to consider closely. Those things will not change automatically when you become married.

It is good to align prayerfully with the word. Being ready to let go has a way of helping your thought process to distinguish the blessing from the burden the relationship may have on you instead of staying blindly waiting for circumstances or leaving things to chance. You may be reading this and feel stuck, like Preti was. This is a true life story. God rules in the affairs of men and can help you. There is a bright future for you. Get in touch. God bless you.

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