She was hurting

She was hurting. “Why is he not proposing to me?” We should plan our wedding now, she thought to herself. Worse still, she was receiving gifts from guys that were “not it”. It was thanksgiving service at the end of the year and Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. She turned over the situation to Jesus. You know what, she took all her gifts, her jewellery received from suitors, shoes and all and put them in the offering basket. She wanted a change that God prepared for her.

Pastor Julie saw the offering bowl and what she put in it and called her aside. She asked a few questions about Why Sarah had brought such precious gifts as an offering and she poured out her heart in tears. “Enough is enough”. Something has to shift and prayed for Sarah, declaring a change in the name of Jesus according to her faith.

The following week, there was a conversation about Sarah in another town between some suitors and one of them went to her town to pay her a visit.

She was expectant; she was ready, and she welcomed him. He ticked some boxes. He loved and feared God. That was the most important. He had a job and was ready to commit to a marriage relationship. He needed a lot of grooming, but she knew in her heart that was what she prayed about. That was how her story changed. She cleared the way for a clean start with God.

I learnt a lot from this life experience. Sarah was determined to follow God’s plan. She knew her self worth;  she identified time wasters in her life and wanted a change badly. She wished not only for a change; she took drastic steps in faith and prayed earnestly. Sarah got someone to agree with her and started looking out for the answer. Sarah was hospitable and determined to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit, as she didn’t see everything she wanted but focused on the most important attributes necessary to build a successful marriage relationship. 

There are more lessons from this true life story, but I will stop here now. Is there any part of this that resonates with you? Let’s talk about it. God remains faithful forever. He can change your story.

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