Jas 4:7 NET So submit to God. But resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Happy Monday to you. I hope the past week was fulfilling. This week, we want to respond to what the Lord wants us to do.

Submit to Him. That’s just it. Are you weary, having a tough morning, struggling with thoughts? Submit them. First, we need to do that because there is already a way out or a support system for us. That will enable you to receive and enjoy the grace to go through this week. I just feel God wants us to really deliberately rest in Him. Cast your thoughts especially to Him. I hope this blesses you.

Let us pray.

1. Thank God you are not alone. You are not forsaken.  He knows your name.

2. Open your heart and acknowledge God as your support system. The one who understands you when no one does. Can you now invite Him into your current situation? Tell Him about your new week as you ask Him to take charge. Tell Him you are rolling it all over to Him completely. 

3. Maintain a moment of silence. Stretch forth your hands to the heavens as you ask for grace. Let there be a flow of grace to you now for relief and rest of mind.

4. Thank Him because He is over you and will guide you till the end. Great peace is upon you this week and you will be enjoy His grace. Amen.

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