Lead us not into temptation was the word of Jesus in the Lord’s prayer. He knew how important that was. Every day, we face various temptations. The grace of God carries us through. As a single lady, waiting on the Lord, there were many temptations and distractions that came my way. One of such was from male folks who were married. It can be very disturbing because you would expect them to know what is right or wrong as they have committed themselves to a lifelong relationship. One thing I realised is the need to set boundaries for yourself and don’t expect other people to do so for you. By so doing, you are protecting your soul, spirit, and body. It is a level of defence.

I remember getting invitations to play tennis with a male friend who was married. I wondered in my heart how that would play out. Ideally, he should do such with his wife, which would help them bond together. Why me? While it looked harmless, I felt that would let down my guard. Yes, you have to be honest with yourself.

Another time, It was someone else asking me to come for dinner at their house because the wife was away on a trip. I don’t know if you maybe in such situations or have had similar experiences. I declined both invitations. The bible admonishes us to flee every appearance of evil. I asked myself, what is the end point of these invitations? These men are married and not available.  That helped me set my boundaries.

A little leaven, leavens the whole lump Gal 5 vs 9. This means a small inclination to error perverts or spreads silently to spoil a lot. So what’s the point? Why open the door to a deeper relationship? I pray you find the strength to shake off the temptation as I did. You don’t need that form of relationship. Again, that married man is not available. It is moral to abstain from such relationships. God bless you.

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