Twenty six

I am writing to encourage you, whatever your age may be, that God is mindful of you and will come for you. The society may have set certain standards as ideal for marriage, but God’s ways are not man’s ways.

I once went to church years ago, and we had a guest speaker who came to preach on a title ” Worry”. It was a very inspiring message, and I listened attentively to every bit till he got to reason people worry and mentioned ” age 26″ as a factor.

That was the first time I heard such information, that young ladies worry about getting a spouse, especially when they are approaching 26. It seemed to be the age for marriage.

I was quite young, if I remember clearly. I was a teenager, and I wondered what life would be when I got to that age. Interestingly, I had a friend who’s mother would always drum it into the ears of her children that none of her kids should remain unmarried and living in her house at age 26.

Probably because she got married at that age or because it was the best age to marry. I got to that age and went past 26, but wasn’t married at that set age. I asked questions and thank God I found truth in God’s word.

Who sets the time for marriage? Could it be that some factors like set time or expectations may contribute to the pressures we face while waiting for our spouses to come? I understand it is good to get married while young if possible while one’s biological organs are functioning maximally. 

However, it is good to balance things based on God’s word. You may read this and are way below 26 or over. You definitely are writing a story or have stories to tell. Ecc 3 vs 11 says He makes all things beautiful in His time. There is an appropriate time for everything. That is His word! His time maybe 26, below or after 26.

I got married years after that set age. What is your situation now? Would you like to share? What are some things you have heard and worried about? Maybe we need to reconsider them through the eyes of the Word of God. I will be happy to hear from you.

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