Address your Fears!

About this time last year, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She wasn’t in any serious relationship and her birthday was approaching. I could tell the disappointment in her heart as the conversation went on.

There were hidden fears unspoken, so many questions, many doubts. She felt she was too old, maybe she will never find her soul mate etc. Being single has its challenges and one of these is dealing with your fears.

As a single back then, there were many fears… The fear of missing it and that is being joined to the wrong person, fear of waiting forever, not having babies , so many of them. I tell you fear is a crippler and,
an abstract thing in our lives that often expresses itself.

This affects our perspectives, our actions, speech, the decisions we make daily. While there may be some actual situations that may warrant such fears, the question is ” what should be our attitude?” Leave things the way they are or address them?

Job 3:25 NET For the very thing I dreaded has happened to me, and what I feared has come upon me.

Job once said from this verse of scripture that the things he feared the most happened to him. This means we can empower such emotional control over us or address them and take charge of our lives. I had to learn how to address my fears by the Word of God, everyone of them.

I tell you; they didn’t happen as I kept on speaking God’s word to counter it. A good example, referring to the fear of missing it.. I declared continually whenever I felt that way that God is guiding me and I will not miss it by His power. I will be happy and fulfilled. I walked this through with this friend of mine who was dismayed and we addressed all fears she had by the Word.

It transformed tremendously her life as she grew in confidence weekly. I am happy she got married over the weekend to her heartthrob and she is basking in hope and great faith ready to help other ladies waiting and trusting God for the same miracle.

God is ready to help you and I. Let us reach out for help, share your fears and address them by God’s word continually, till He comes for you. God bless you.

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