Better Not Bitter

The end of the year or the popular “ember ” months are often months for reflection for most people. It is a time to look back and reflect on the things that have worked and have not. As a waiting single, it is one of those times I found difficult to plan as I would love to. The reason is that there was so much uncertainty. If you make long-term plans, you are not sure of the changes that could happen should the right relationship sets in. When friends and family come together during Christmas celebrations, it is one topic that often comes to the table and it sometimes tempts us not to go to family gatherings, reduce the time spent with them to avoid that discussion or face the situation.

So this fateful year, it was December, and I spent time with a very close childhood friend and family, living in a different city. I had reconnected online with an old friend who used to be very close to me. He was living in the same city with my friend and it appeared there were chances things might work out, leading to a serious relationship. We met at a restaurant and talked about a few things, life, general discussions. Our paths were clearly different. He had changed so much from what he used to be and I had changed so much, too. He clearly said ” You are too good for me”. I had thought maybe this meeting was an answer to prayers before we met, however it wasn’t. It was the last goodbye. I was sad and wept later that evening. Was I bitter? Not sure. Confused? Yes. So many thoughts came to mind and was helpless. One thing I told myself was that I will come out better.

What you tell yourself matters a lot. Are you going through a break? Hurting? Waiting endlessly? disappointed? You need to speak to yourself loudly, “I will come out better and not bitter!”. Until your heart registers those words and it becomes your reality.

As I declared those words, I saw my focus shift from that situation and I looked up to God in hope. Looking back, I can see God is faithful, and I have applied this principle in many areas of my life. Be encouraged today and stay positive. Whatever you are facing now is not the end of the story.

God bless you.

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