Surrendering to the truth

Joh 17:17 KJV Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

It is the Lord’s mercy that is keeping us alive. Thank God for a new week. God’s word makes us understand it is the truth that makes us free. The truth we know and yield to. Daily, we encounter situations that challenge the truth we know, but we have the Word of God to withstand thoughts and tantrums that come our way. Today, we shall pray for God to enable us to surrender to the Truth always. LET us consecrate ourselves before the Lord.

Prayer points

  1. Thank God for the truth embedded in the word of God That defines us. What God has said about us. Thank Him because your life is defined by the truth always, no matter what comes your way.
  2. Surrender your life anew to God and yield your innermost thoughts, concerns to Him. Tell him you are aligning to the Word spoken over your life. Tell the Lord to take away every resistance to the flow and establishment of His Kingdom in your life.
  3. Pray that His kingdom will come and His will be done in your life. That the eyes of your understanding be enlightened. That your faith will know increase, that your heart will know strength anew.
  4. Declare that you are blessed, your week is blessed, you walk in the truth and live in the truth. You are changing to be like Him. Declare and thank God, because the truth is standing by you. You are a City Not Forsaken. Amen.

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