A bitter person will only spill out bitterness.This is so true! Looking for a love relationship? No matter how lovely a person you may be, if you do not deal with the bitterness or hurt from experiences, inadvertently you will spill out that bitterness to people who come your way. It could also be one of the little foxes that spoil the beauty in marriage when you find the person of your dreams.

Years ago, I remember. I had a psuedo relationship that eventually did not work out as I thought it would. I thought I had dealt with the bitterness or disappointment associated with trying to make something work. Without success. I was in a group where I played a very active role. However, I was always on a different page with one leader. I always saw things He wasn’t doing right and pointed them out frequently. I wasn’t patient enough to look closely at the why. Life was also very busy for me. Then it was time for me to leave that setting. I and others were to be sent forth. Normally, everyone received a thank you gift for dedication and service. Guess what? I received a book titled ” Woman, thou art loosed” by TD Jakes. The leader I used to disagree with presented it to me. Phew! I read that book in a few days. Behold, I could see my story. The spirit of God opened me up and showed me how disappointed I was in God that things didn’t work out as I thought. I received healing by reading that book.

I went back to that group to search for that leader and asked him why he gave me that book. He opened up and said he had taken time out to pray, as the constant disagreement troubled him. He had told God to prove Himself in his life if God really called him to lead that group and God led him to get that book for me. I thanked him and truly realised I had issues I had not dealt with and all along had been dispensing bitterness around. I was so sorry and made a fresh start with God. So, have you seen anything similar happening in your life at the moment? Or can you see someone around you that is proving difficult? There could be an underlying root of bitterness. It will help if we bring it all to the feet of Jesus. He can save and turn things around. Get a copy of that book by TD Jakes if you can. God bless you.

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