Don’t be Afraid

Jos 11:6 NET The LORD told Joshua, “Don’t be afraid of them, for about this time tomorrow I will cause all of them to lie dead before Israel. You must hamstring their horses and burn their chariots.”

In today’s text, we see Joshua had a lot of things to deal with. There were kings that came together in coalition to fight against Isreal. They were fully armed and were as many as sand by the seashore. That must have been scary. God said to him, don’t be afraid. Are there many odds in your life? Is time running out? Lots to achieve, God is saying, don’t be afraid. God will help you surmount them all by His power. Amen.

  1. Thank God for the spoken word. What an assurance we have in Jesus. He daily loads us with benefits. Thank Him for all you have been through and for all He has done.
  2. Commit your life to Him and all that is before you. Cast every burden on Him and tell the Lord you are depending on Him. Your hope is on the Lord.
  3. Declare your faith in Him. Speak to those situations by faith that they are crumbling down. Declare that you have victory over every one of them.
  4. Finally, thank Him that your hope in Him will not fail. Your wait on Him will be fruitful. You will overcome and recover all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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