Preparing for Marriage part 3

God is the author of marriage, and He has the manual on how it should work. To succeed, we need to continually walk with and in the Spirit. This means we are open to His leadership and ready to do as he bids. Sometimes, it may differ completely from what we think or believe. I tell you, that is a sure advantage we have as Christians. Learning to follow the guidance of the Spirit is very important.

I understand that no matter how much you prepare for marriage, you will still meet challenges, and nuts, to crack. Your muscles will be stretched, patience tried, and lots more. The Marriage experience is beautiful and God has made a provision for us to enjoy the best if we allow Him work in us on the journey.

No matter how powerful we think we are,, we cannot make our marriage work by our strength alone. When I look back over life, I see that a walk with the Holy spirit was pivotal to making the choice of whom to marry. There have been times I thought I was so right over matters, but the Holy Spirit will say to me, ” take your strength into the room” meaning step back and let me do my work. Those moments have been life Transforming and brought crisis situations to an end. God being the centre is a sure guarantee that it would work if we cooperate with Him.

How is your walk with the Holy Spirit? Rebecca went to the well in Genesis 24 by the leading of the Spirit. Abraham had prayed for a wife for Isaac and everything they asked for as a sign, Rebecca did. The beautiful thing is that walking in the Spirit keeps us secure in God at all times, whether or not in a relationship.  It might be worth you talking to the Spirit to come take His place in your life. In marriage, we need the spirit to discern a lot of things. Let us build our walk as we wait.

Start now.

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