Enlightened Heart

Eph 1:18 ISV Then, with the eyes of your hearts enlightened, you will know the confidence that is produced by God having called you, the rich glory that is his inheritance among the saints,

We Start the year with prayers from the above verse of scripture. There is nothing like having insight into a thing, being enlightened, having illumination into any mystery. God is not unjust, and He is faithful to His word. We begin with specific prayers, asking for Him to enlighten our hearts to know and understand what is going on in this aspect of marriage. Are you ready to know?

Let us pray

1. Thank God we have a place to pour our hearts and feelings. He is with us and remains true to His word.

2. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and revelation this week. That you will know the will of God for your life. Pray that you will understand God’s mind and aligned with His purpose.

3. Pray that your heart will know what to do,you will enjoy God’s peace and your mind will be clear in relationships. Pray for a sure word from God, specific words from the Father. Let Him make known His mind to you so that you will run with it.

4. Tell God you are depending on Him and expectant. Boldly declare that good tidings are coming to you and spreading through you this year. 2023 will be good for you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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