God is my defender

Psa 48:14 NET For God, our God, is our defender forever! He guides us!

We can’t thank God enough for who He is to us, for the things He does every day. A faithful and reliable Rock. God is the one who brings joy to the whole earth. Let us praise Him as we focus on who He is to us. Let us take our minds off what we can see because He is protecting your interests. Hallelujah.

Let us pray

1. Thank God because He is your defender, and He does things well. He has brought us from a mighty long way. Glory to His name.

2. Command all things to come together in your life. Every idea, broken pieces here and there. Declare that the Lord is working things out for your joy. You shall know joy only this week, in Jesus’ name.

3. Come against every or any plot of the wicked to steal your joy. Every fight to deprive you of what is rightly yours will not prosper in Jesus’ name. For the Lord will defend you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

4. Thank God for victory and for answered prayers. You will not be ashamed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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