Fear Not Daughter of Zion

Joh 12:15 NET “Do not be afraid, people of Zion; look, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt!”

Today we are encouraged to keep the faith. Do not be afraid of tomorrow. Your king is coming! I remember I received this word years ago while I waited for my spouse. Yes, there were fears sometimes, but they never made life better. This week, God wants us to press into this word. Your king is coming. It could be King Jesus stepping into your circumstances in His own way. Expect Him and be joyful.  Cast your cares and fears upon Him. Let us pray.

1. Thank God you are a daughter of the King and have royal access to His majesty.

Thank Him because God is mindful of you and has a word for every situation. He is just beautiful.

2. Pray that your heart will be enlightened to understand this word and what God is saying to you and your situation.

3. Cast out every fear and commit your worries into God’s hands. Tell Him your eyes are on Him only. You are looking out for His visitation.

4. Thank Him for all He has done and shall yet do. Declare that this week shall be better than every other, because God’s light is shining on your path. Amen.

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