Good purpose

Gen 50:20 NET As for you, you meant to harm me, but God intended it for a good purpose, so he could preserve the lives of many people, as you can see this day.

It’s another Monday again, and I am excited to see this day. How are you doing today? We began the new month with songs of victory. We shall continue singing in faith that God will come for us. Today we shall pray with a focus on His good purpose for your life. He has good plans for you and that cannot be stopped in Jesus’s name. Amen!

Prayer points

Let us pray using the above verse of scripture.These were words spoken by Joseph to his brothers after all they did to him. God made something beautiful out of His life.

  1. Thank God for the good purpose He is working out in your life. He has good plans for you and that is coming to pass.
  2. Pray that you see that good clearly. Let the Lord open your eyes to see this month that your heart may be strengthened.
  3. Pray that there is a turnaround of any or every evil intention against you and God’s plan for you. Pray that you will cooperate with God 100%
  4. Finally, declare that God’s purpose stands in your life. Your life will have a beautiful outcome in Jesus’ name! Amen.

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