Welcome to my blog. It’s so exciting to have you here. I do hope this will be a blessing to you. This is very special to me as it is a product of some phases of life I have been through. Looking back, I realise that indeed we don’t live for ourselves. We are all connected to each other. Your experience today, maybe someone’s life saver tomorrow! God turns our stories and tests into testimonies and, like some people will say, our mess into messages.

So my mission is to bring you hope and boost for your daily living as you go through this phase of waiting. I know how difficult it can be while waiting. The uncertainty and complications of planning your life and future because there is one main character yet to become real.

With every passing week, month and year, hope in God may waver. You are not the only one in this. In this blog, you will find two segments which are centred on the Word of God our source to help bring stability. First is Every Monday. This is a scriptural focus for the new week and prayers. The next is True talk. Again, we look at life, common challenges and ways of surmounting them, life experiences and lots more. It will be great to hear your thoughts as well on your views, questions and prayer requests, if any. Let’s go on this journey together.

Heb 10:37 KJV For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.

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