Starting your week with vigour and a clear focus is very important.We all know the battlefield is the mind and the Word of God is our weapon of defence. This segment ” Every Monday” is tailored to charge you up with a nugget for the week. You will find a verse of scripture and prayers every new week. I encourage you to meditate on these words, like God speaking to you personally. It will work for you!

It’s an idea placed in my heart by God to support you. I remember years ago, while waiting, there was a time I would always have people annoying me, obstacles and challenges every Monday. This happened consecutively for a while, and it wasn’t a glorious experience until my change came. I declared the Word of God and I commanded such an occurrence to stop. It did!. How about you taking charge of your life and week in the place of prayer every Monday? I trust it will be good.

God bless you.

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