Keep Believing

1Tim 1:19 EasyEnglish You must continue to believe God. And you must always do what you know to be right. Some people have known what is right. But they have refused to do it. As a result, they have completely stopped believing Christ. Their lives as believers are like ships that have sailed on to the rocks.

Hello, it’s another Monday. Thank God for His sustenance. We will pray with the above verse of scripture.It might be difficult, but just keep believing. God remains faithful. The hearts of men are failing. I pray that your case will be different and you will be strong. That God will show up for you. As you gather a cloud over you in prayer, there shall be rain and it will be clear to all.

1. Let us thank God for the past week, for all the mountain and valley situations that came our way. God is with us and is preserving us.

2. Pray that you will continue to believe God and hold on to the promise today and always, even when you may be weak.

3. Also pray you will do what you know is right always. That your heart and faith be strengthened. You will do the right thing at the right time as you wait.You will keep a clear conscience before God and man. God is your reward.

4. Finally, pray that you will not sail unto any rock. Your faith will not be a shipwreck. You will sail and arrive safely to your wealthy place. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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