No pressure

It was valentines day, Tracy had been trusting God for a reliable life partner. She wondered what the weekend would look like this time. Chris had informed her he would come to visit that valentine weekend. He was an old friend who was a potential soul mate back in the day, but the relationship was never defined. Tracy had moved on with her life but never forgot that friendship as Chris always said they were just friends, although she stood out amongst all his friends. I wonder why some believers would carry on with this practice of leading sisters on for generations, Tracy thought.

Interestingly, anytime Tracy was settling into the reality of not having Chris as ” the one”, He would always show up with a special message, a miss you note or an innocent phone call. This time, it was a few days before valentine he started a conversation and all seemed to go well. He really wanted to see Tracy again after over four years. Tracy wondered what the outcome would be this time. He arrived, and they spent some time at a restaurant talking about life. It amazed Chris at how Tracy had grown in her walk with God. Her library of christian books, cds and tapes was intimidating. In her heart, Tracy wondered if this was the same person who she used to be excited about, the one who used to be so passionate about the bible and she longed to hear him frequently Hmmn,life… but she wanted him anyway. Just then, Chris’ phone rang, but he didn’t pick it. It The caller kept on redialling and Tracy wondered who it was. Christ eventually picked the call briefly and hung up.

He then narrated the situation that he was in a relationship with someone who He felt was a spoilt brat and refused to listen to him most times. He had told her to save monies given to her by her wealthy parents, but she always loved to travel to Dubai. This time, he asked her not to travel but inform him first so they decide on when is best together but he realised she had gone and switched her phones off. He quit, and she called him bluff.

Now she was calling him as though she wanted him back just today, after about two weeks of walking away. Tracy and Chris eventually parted ways, but Tracy had learnt her lessons.

First, there is no need to put so much pressure on yourself in terms of relationship or valentine identity. God is the source of everything. He can provide you with a suitable spouse. You don’t have to force things to happen. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. If it is not working, respect yourself and your values, no pressure. Relationships should be defined. Where there are no boundaries, the pole will always shift and it remains a sinking sand with no stability. Jesus is the best lover of all times. He never walks away. Jesus is the real valentine every day and anyway. Disappointments happen, count it all joy. Though it looked like Chris was ready to come back, it may have been the worst decision ever, as she could see he had changed completely from what she used to know. Be sensible to identify relationships that hold you captive and keep you in one spot for years. They can’t commit to you and won’t let someone else have you.

Finally, Keep your heart with all diligence. It is your heart and your responsibility to keep it. Do not leave the responsibility to someone else. They will never do it right for you. As you go about your day, ensure your heart is healthy as you do life with people. Out of it is life. Proverbs 4vs 23.

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God bless you.

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