Letting Go (part two)

Freya said to her coach, ” I know this is not the kind of man I want to be with for all my life. He doesn’t just tick the boxes, but I don’t want to let him go! ” Why? The coach asked. She said” I cannot be alone by myself “. I need to have something to say at least that someone is interested in me when I meet my friends. I like the gifts I receive from him and all the attention. 😌 She laughed as she thought about what she said. The reasons Freya gave for not letting Humphrey go were endless. A Hidden fear of the unknown and self-centeredness were at the center of it all. What if I walk away and never find another or someone better?

These are one of those challenges waiting for a spouse comes with. The temptation is to keep suitors around you, taking no step forward or backwards. Some prefer leaving things to chance. The fear of the unknown, and of missing it.

Some people go round in circles. How do I mean? They chase every suitor away, leaving the one they think is viable and that one eventually walks away sometimes. Have you had such experiences?

The truth is, God is interested in the detail of our lives. I tell you; the bible makes us understand that without faith it is impossible to please God. It is the just that shall live by faith. Should ladies keep people in suspense like Freya or leave things to chance? God wants us to choose faith over fear.

As Christians, what does God expect of us? To prayerfully consider everyone that comes our way. It takes faith in God to say no, trusting that your tomorrow is in God’s hands and He will bring the man of your dreams to you. It also takes faith in God to be committed to someone. Your commitment is first to God and to the man.

So letting go is an act of faith when you know in your heart two lines cannot cross and should not be. Do you know God is happy when we trust Him and believe He is able to do much more than we can ever ask or think? Judge God, who has promised and is faithful like Sarah did.

If you are currently considering suitors, be encouraged to take that bold step of faith to address the surrounding interests. Take courage to say NO or YES! God bless you.

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