Rejoicing with others

Over a decade ago, I was very excited as we prepared to attend a friend’s wedding. I wasn’t in a relationship at that time, but it was a common practice for me to rejoice and celebrate with friends who were getting married.

I remember some comments made to me about this by a couple. They were so encouraged that I had so much joy for others and wasn’t even bothered about the fact that I wasn’t in a relationship. 

Then I realized it could be an issue for some people, really. Scriptures make us understand we should rejoice with those who rejoice. That is a show of faith that God has taken care of everything and we trust in His unfailing love.

This approach was a good coping mechanism for the waiting phase. I know sometimes people have purposely missed attending friends’ wedding. If that is what you know best to do or feel is best practice, that’s fine. I would recommend that whatever decision you make, rejoice and celebrate with others. Your change will surely come.

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