Spiritual Discernment

Co 2:11 NET so that we may not be exploited by Satan (for we are not ignorant of his schemes).

It’s the beginning of a new week and we will rejoice and be glad. We are on the winning team always. Jesus, our captain, has our interest at heart. This week, we will focus on spiritual perception. One thing we may be unaware of is the works of the adversary which are within our remit to put in order. He often disguises himself so we think such manifestation are normal. Thank God we have wisdom in Jesus. This week, we will rise in His name to possess all that is rightly ours and that has been released from the Father.

Let us pray.

1. Thank God you are not alone. Thank Him for keeping you till this day and for watching over His word concerning you.

2. Pray that your eyes will be opened to see every area you may have been ignorant of the enemy’s devices in your life. Every work of the adversary will be exposed in Jesus’ name.

3. Pray that your spirit man will be awakened, your heart will be illuminated to be aware of the true situation that you will align with the word of God.

4. Address every work, schemes of the wicked against your advancement beyond this level of life. Let their enterprise be destroyed. Set yourself loosed from every or any hold,any imagination, speculation be destroyed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

5 Thank God for answered prayers as we continually declare that the blood of Jesus takes your territory. Amen.

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