Practice Listening

Deu 8:18 ISV But remember the LORD your God, because he is the one who gives you the ability to produce wealth, in order to confirm his covenant that he promised by an oath to your ancestors, as is the case today.

It’s a beautiful new week and I am thankful for God’s sustenance. I hope you feel His love today. If you don’t, it means we need to engage our minds again with the word of God, because that helps us live. Some self talk is also helpful, proclaiming that God loves you despite what you see or not. That’s the truth. This week, the stir in my heart is for us to practice listening to God. You have been asking. Now it is good to listen to what He has to say. He is the one who gives power to make wealth. There is a lot of noise all over the world, so it’s difficult to hear, but you have to make the effort and start the practice of listening to God intentionally. There is an impression in my heart for us to STOP asking continually, but listen more as we study the Word of God. Let us pray.

1. Thank God for the new week that you are not forsaken. God is still speaking to you and has a plan for you.

2. Pray that you will obey this instruction and that it will benefit you. Pray that your ears will be open to hearing and that your heart will find water.

3. Ask that the Lord will send you His word again, those words that have come before that you ignored. Whatever He is saying to you, say like Samuel, ” speak Lord, I am listening “

4. Thank God for the Word of hope and deliverance coming your way. Your life is getting better and brighter in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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