Psa 16:5 NET LORD, you give me stability and prosperity; you make my future secure.

I am thankful for another opportunity to pray as we begin a new week. God is ever mindful of us and is happy when we come before Him. We have an assurance that even before we call; He has answered. Hallelujah. We shall focus on stability this week. The Lord is settling His people in every area.

Prayer points

  1. Let us thank God for our lives and for how He has preserved us. If it had not been for God, we would have been consumed, but God has been there for us. He takes pleasure in us.
  2. Pray that God should bring stability to any or every area of your life that is causing discomfort. Let the Lord establish His word in your life. We pray.
  3. Declare that in this week, you shall see a manifestation of grace in every area of life. You will accomplish what you naturally couldn’t do in Jesus’ name. Great grace is upon you. Amen.
  4. Finally, pray and declare that your life is progressive. Your future is secure in God and will be better than today, because God’s word is at work mightily in you. Declare that you have stability in your mind, job, finances, family, spiritual life, relationships, etc. In Jesus’ name.

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