Psa 110:3 NHEB Your people offer themselves willingly on the day of your power. On the holy mountains at sunrise, the dew of your youth will be yours.

It’s another Monday, Thank you Lord. I hope your weekend was good. We shall pray with this verse of scripture.

We will focus on willingness today because these are the days of His power. It is one thing for God to provide help for us, it’s another for us to be willing to accept His provision and instructions.

Prayer points

  1. Let us thank God for His word to us. His power is working in us and our spouses to be. Whether or not we see it. Declare that in your life, it is the day of His power and the Word works mightily in you.
  2. Pray for willingness on your part to walk with the Spirit. To let go the things that need to go and accept what needs to come in.
  3. Pray for your husband to yield to the Holy spirit. Let God’s kingdom come into his life and may the power of God may overtake him. Pray that his eyes will be single and that he will see clearly.
  4. Thank God for the fruits that follow yielded to the spirit are flowing abundantly in your life

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