The genesis of change

Daisy knew it was time to move house. The one bed house was not comfortable anymore as the family had grown. Toddlers were now in primary school, needing more space to spread their toys around and for play. Spread? Yes! Isn’t that what they like to do? So, she asked her husband,” Where should we move to? What city, house, etc? “

However, there were unresolved issues in the relationship and he took this on her. Refused to respond to her question. Instead, he said he couldn’t see any reason they needed to move anywhere. Everything is perfectly OK.

Wisdom told Daisy to take a step further and overlook his attitude. So she prayed about the situation and asked some friends on how they made their choices and she got ideas. She prayerfully discussed these with her husband after work and he seemed to like the idea of moving to Liverpool, the thought of a more spacious house. Again, that root of bitterness crept in and he changed his mind. ‘There was no need to move anywhere “, he said. It was a brickwall.  Daisy just couldn’t get it. Daisy was tired of this back and forth, and she decided not to raise her voice or quarrel about it. She was truly disconcerted. She took to worship. The only song that came was ” Ekueme”. It was an African worship song composed of the Nigerian Ibo dialect. The song centred on the supremacy of God, the only living God. The one who changes times and seasons. One who understands every difficulty and knows the end from the beginning. She put the song on repeat.

The God we serve is an amazing God and is always kind. You know what, her husband went to work that morning and at lunchtime he met a new colleague. As they chatted, this colleague mentioned he lived in Liverpool and came to work daily from that city. He said a lot of amazing things about the city and that was the turnaround. Excellent schools, delightful houses, all Daisy had been desiring. Almost immediately, he rang Daisy and told her to book viewings for houses in Liverpool that weekend and after many appointments; they settled for a new house. Just before they moved cities, a friend of Daisy asked her, ” How can you be so confident moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone, no history of anyone who has lived there?” Daisy smiled and said, ” I do not need to know anyone living there. I know God is there, and that is enough. He opened the door for me, therefore that is my confidence. I know how the miracle of moving house happened! “

You may have picked some similar trends with your current situation as you read this. God remains faithful and reliable. He can bring you out of any difficult situation. Consider a change in strategy. Are there any lessons you can draw from this authentic life experience?

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