The Glory is Risen

Isa 60:1b KJV and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

There is something about the glory of the Lord. It distinguishes you; it makes you glow. The amazing grace of God Good is saying to us here. It is upon you. Therefore, we should arise and let it shine through us. Today, we shall pray with this verse and speak forth the word over our lives.

1. Thank God for the Word and for the glory He is talking about. It is risen upon you. It doesn’t consider your background, your experiences. You are special and it is upon you.

2. Pray for understanding, to know what God is truly saying to you, that you may engage with the revelational knowledge to enjoy the benefits. Pray that you will indeed see the glory in Jesus’ name.

3. Declare that the glory of the Lord makes way for you this week. Pray that paths are clear and nations are rising to the brightness of your rising. God’s grace and peace is multiplied to you because of the glory.

4. Thank Him because you are enabled and strengthened to shine in this new week. I pray you will see a manifestation of the Word in your life. Glory, glory, glory, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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