You are acknowledged every time

It was that woman at the well, yes, another woman at the offering box and the one with the alabaster box. She really wanted to be a part of something. She gave her all. It didn’t count, she may have thought. Nobody will notice, nobody will acknowledge it.

There are other better givers, better offering, better voices than mine. Why should I try? Why should I be heard? I will stay in my box,my zone of comfort. It’s safe, it’s cosy,and will watch it happen for others.

Ah, no. Let me just do it silently. Just give and walk away. So she did, but she was noticed! They acknowledged my offering! Hey! unbelievable, she exclaimed. “Jesus said I mattered! He used me as an example. Wow!” Till today, they still talk about me. What if I didn’t try? What if I remained in that place? I never would have known Jesus acknowledges me every time. That’s my new perspective. He acknowledges me every time. He sees my how, my what, and why.

Therefore,I will give my best all the time. I will listen to and for His promptings and not the accolades of men. I am special to Him and that’s what really matters. A Saviour, a friend for all seasons.

Dear people, you are always giving, yet may not notice. Jesus acknowledges you today and every time. That’s what matters and someday you will receive your reward. Be consistent in your obedience to His promptings and He will carry you safely to shore. God bless you.

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