Repairing broken walls

Isa 58:12 EasyEnglish You will build again the old places that the enemy destroyed. And you will build the old houses again. People will call you “The Person who Mends Broken Walls” and “The Person who Builds Again Streets with Houses”.

It’s another Monday. Thank you Lord. Today, there is a stirring towards repair, God is sending healing to every area of your life. He is visiting foundation, more like a continuation from last week..You may have private issues that may have been dealt with in your eyes, just let the Holy Spirit breathe on you again.

Prayer points

  1. Let us thank God for the gift of life, for the privilege to breathe. Thank God He knows you by name and is mindful of you.
  2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will visit every area of your life, emotions , your past, wherever or whatever the enemy may have destroyed. Let it be rebuilt again, be it confidence, self worth, value, etc. Let there be a restoration. Declare that you no longer walk in ruins!
  3. Ask God to breathe on you, repair my broken walls, Lord, mend my broken heart. Heal completely every disappointment from my past.
  4. Pray that as God shows Himself mighty in you, You will be a vessel to help others repair broken walls. You will be called wall or breach repairers.


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