While at the university as an undergraduate, there were some locations on campus that were used for multi-purposes. One of which was the Sport complex.

During the daytime until evening, it was filled with various people playing different sport. At night, it was completely different. Lots of students went there to pray. This was probably because the complex was spacious and one could be free to move about while praying.

I was in a kind of pseudo relationship (story for another day) which bothered me. I preferred to be clear on whatever I was involved in. So I thought the sport complex would be a place to pour my heart out to God and also listen to hear what He will say to me.

The encouter

I got there, located a spot for myself, and began praying. I spent sometime praying and listening quite hard. It appeared I heard nothing. However, after a longtime I noticed someone walking towards me (it was getting dark) and I was concerned and unsure so I opened my eyes, behold a guy who prayed walked up to me and said he felt the Holy Spirit asked him to share John 15 vs 7 with me. “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask anything and it shall be given unto you” Then he left and that was the last time I ever saw him.

While meditating on this word, I returned to my hostel and walking up the stairs my room mate saw me from upstairs and shouted my name with excitement saying “Blessing, Word up!”. I was shocked because she didn’t know what I had just experienced. I felt this was God speaking to me about studying the Word (The Bible).

I am sharing this because I was focused on sorting out issues with my relationship, but God was saying there’s something more important. The Word. That relationship didn’t work out, eventually. One lesson I learnt was to focus on God’s word absolutely if you want God’s best for you. You will be so full of the Word that what you ask will align with The Word. Have you had a similar experience or are you in a confused state? This may be a word for you. Share your thoughts and comments. Let’s talk about it.

God bless you.

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